About This Cave

Sleep in a 300 year old cave that is the first one in Madeira, completely adapted to allow a 5 star stay in Calhau da Lapa. This unique accommodation has a bathroom, toilet, kitchen and barbeque outside.

Calhau da Lapa is a village composed by more than 30 caves that were built to store goods and to stay overnight, from the time where we had no roads in Madeira, and all transports were by sea. 

Then more recently locals started to come over the weekends to have a drink and go for a swim. Lately it became so popular that during the summer time people come everyday to enjoy the peculiar scenario, the beautiful and magnificent 80 mt waterfall and the crystal pure sea water.

Other Informations
The access to the Atlantis Beach Cave is done through 10 minutes walking in an ancient trail that was recently recouped by the local City Hall.

Alternatively the Cave can be also reached by boat, at 5 min distance from Ribeira Brava´ pear. During summer time (from May to beginning September) there are several taxi boats operating everyday.

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