Calhau da Lapa

A dream come true!

I always had a dream of having a cave in Calhau da Lapa and one day by coincidence (or not...) I had dinner with friends in Calhau da Lapa and its caves came up in the conversation.  

  Then I knew the story that these caves were used since the beginning of the island to store goods that were all transported by boat from Funchal before roads were built. And that workers also slept there when the weather conditions forced them to. Gilberto who his father had a partnership in one of these boats that carried goods between Funchal and Calhau da Lapa, at a certain time sold the boat, because in the meanwhile the roads were built and so the transport of goods stopped. So his father kept 3 caves that no one wanted at that time...  

  So he started to talk about the work he was doing on one of these caves that he inherited from the family, and I got enthusiastic about it. So I told him about my dream and asked if he knew someone who had interested in selling a cave so that I could create new special places to sleep, which is something I'm passionate about.  

  So he said maybeeeeee. And next day it really happened and Gilberto called me saying there was a guy who also inherited a cave from the family and was interested to sell it. So we went there and after seeing it I imagined how it would look and saw its potential. From there we closed the deal almost immediately and started working on the design. A few months after, the work started in June 2019 until its completion in May 2021. It was not easy but it was exciting to overcome all the challenges to make this cave a unique place to sleep with comfort.  

  Hope you enjoy staying as much as I enjoyed creating it.

    Roberto Varela  (the creator of the first glamping site in Madeira. Canto das Fontes (  

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