Ancient Cave in Calhau da Lapa

Behold the landscape and feel the nature around you !

Calhau da Lapa is a village composed by more than 30 caves that were built to store goods and to stay over night, from the time were we had no roads in Madeira, and all transports were by sea. 

Then more recently locals started to come over the weekends to have a drink and go for swim. Latelly it became so popular that during the summer time people come everyday to enjoy the peculiar scenario, the beautifull and magnificent 80 mt waterfall and the cristal pure sea water.

What guests say about the experience!

Some reviews of this amazing space.


An unbelievable experience worth all the money! 

Incredibly refined space, great design, every detail of the comfort of stay is thought out.  

A great place among beautiful people!Thank you!


It was an amazing experience to sleep in the Atlantis Beach Cave! Fully equiped with a kitchen, bathroom and barbeque to allow a contact with this ancient way of living, with all the best comfort.

Calhau da Lapa is a very peculiar and unique area by the sea. 

A few seconds walking gets you to the cristal pure sea, and a minute walking through the water course get you to an amazing waterfall wich is still completelly untouched by human hands. 

An experience to repeat!


Sleeping in Roberto´s cave is an amazing experience. The cave is clean, the bed is very comfortable. The kitchen is fully equiped. 

Having the sea at 50m and a cascade is exceptional. 

To go to the cave, you need to go down a trail of 15min. Some parts are very steep with many stairs so you need to have good legs. 

Thank you Roberto for these nights.


Roberto’s cave is simply magnificent. Starting with the setting, at the bottom of a cliff in a secluded bay cut by a little stream that flows over a waterfall. Easily worth walk down (and back up) the well-maintained path and steps (don’t bring any luggage that you cannot carry, though!). The cave itself is gorgeously designed and laid out, with lots of attention to detail and clearly passionate craftsmanship. It is amazing how many creature comforts are included - imagine hot running water for your shower and washing-up in a cave! To top it off, Roberto is clearly a host who goes above and beyond: not only was the accommodation spotlessly clean, but there were even some local delicacies waiting for us when we arrived. Highly recommended!